Hello, I’m Stina!

I am many things:  a lover, a traveler, a designer, an artist. A bit crazy and a bit of a fool, I don’t have everything figured out, but I know the best is yet to come. I have a lot of growth and learning to do and many things to conquer, but I am eager to see what’s next. The future is full of exciting possibilities!

Ever since I was a small child, I have always loved design and the arts. I am a graphic designer and artist by trade, with a keen interest in hand lettering. At the moment, I just finished up a one year visa in Dublin, Ireland, and am stoked for the new and exciting things coming my way!

I am always interested in new ideas and projects. Get in touch with me anytime at christinafountain@hotmail.com

Please also take a look at my travel and photo blog at www.bootsandbeer.com

The best is yet to come