Tattoo sketches by Christina Fountain

I quite enjoy sketching and drawing both on paper and on the computer. I especially love tatoos/tattoo art and drawing for tattoos. Here are a few examples of things I've drawn up lately.

A Salvador Dali inspired drawing.

Snapchat is crude I know, but I no longer have the original drawing. Also, me getting the tattoo later that day for my birthday.

Another tattoo i drew up and got tattooed on my ankle. It's a moth juxtaposed with geometric shapes and design.

Parchment Paintings by Christina Fountain

These are small scale oil paintings inspired by tattoo art. By using oil paints and real animal skin (parchment) which is also the oldest form of paper, I am trying to raise tattoo art/graphic art into a more readily recognized form of high art. 

These are great fun to make, and I hope to start another series of these very soon.