Patterns by Christina Fountain

Patterns can be found everywhere in everyday life. You may or may not notice them, but patterns can be very subtle or very striking. I created some floral inspired patterns when I had some free time the other day. I really enjoy putting the different elements together to become a totally new and cohesive piece.


The daily type by Christina Fountain

I have been trying to get back into doing more type and handlettering with watercolor and brushes. It's a lot of fun, and you can get a lot of lovely gradients and color variations. Here are just some sample sheets and things I've done in the last few days. 


I also wanted to create something for Paddy's day, that a non-Irish person might not be too keen on picking up on. Here's my iteration for that. The dubliners. Whiskey in the Jar.


WOO! Getting back on my shit. Yeah.

Tattoo sketches by Christina Fountain

I quite enjoy sketching and drawing both on paper and on the computer. I especially love tatoos/tattoo art and drawing for tattoos. Here are a few examples of things I've drawn up lately.

A Salvador Dali inspired drawing.

Snapchat is crude I know, but I no longer have the original drawing. Also, me getting the tattoo later that day for my birthday.

Another tattoo i drew up and got tattooed on my ankle. It's a moth juxtaposed with geometric shapes and design.

Type from sketch to refined by Christina Fountain

I have recently been making a lot of finished type and photo compositions. I always start off by hand, sketching with pencil, and eventually going to micron pens or marker. I then take these sketches and bring them into illustrator to refine them, and ultimately to make finished compositions.